Hope through vaccination – how technology can help

News over the last year has been dominated by corona virus, however, the ray of hope that we have had for months on the horizon is now becoming reality. During the last weeks we have witnessed mass vaccination schemes in different countries, which are beginning to provide positive data on the R-rate of the virus. Therefore, although we must be prudent, we can begin to trust that the recovery of the health-social sphere will follow positive upward trend.

However, for this improvement to affect us all as a society, governments must guarantee orderly access and maintain the appropriate measures for it. And these measures are applicable both to transport, storage, and to the vaccination process itself.

To mitigate risks during transport and storage logistics, there are various technologies that help us to guarantee the receptiveness of vaccines.  However, given the urgency and scale of the vaccination plans that have been proposed by some governments, the point of greatest risk and lack of control, is the very process of administering the vaccine to citizens.

The risks that can arise in these areas can come from improvisation, the nervousness of citizens, or even, in isolated cases, criminal actions by anti-vaccination groups.

To mitigate these various risks, EveryAngle has developed specific functionalities in its artificial intelligence image analysis software to help governments more effectively facilitate their vaccination schemes.

The main functionalities are:

Implementing effective social distancing measures in vaccination queues. Due to the nervousness and excitement of the moment, as human beings, we can overlook maintaining social distance while we wait for our long-awaited vaccine. Using cameras and software, the distance between people is analyzed, any necessary alerts are sent to security personnel.  Also, specific messages can be displayed on digital signage screens to enhance communication.

The accurate counting of those vaccinated. A problem that can arise through human error is the count of people who have been vaccinated when carried out manually by health workers is wrong, addition environment factors managing a large amount of people can also be a factor. The EveryAngle software eliminates human error, using the counting functionality of the cameras allowing the healthcare personnel to focus solely to the vaccination process.

Verification of the use of face masks by health personnel and other citizens. Monitoring the correct use of masks is an aspect that should not be ignored, since it is a space with many people that need to be vaccinated. Therefore, using the facial recognition functionality through the cameras automates this aspect. As in the case of social distancing, the software will send alerts to those not wearing a mask to remind them to do so and may also be projected on a screen for the information of all attendees.

Detection of suspicious acts or other unforeseen actions. Certain anti-vaccination groups may try to disrupt mass vaccination schemes. Again, by using cameras with EveryAngle software we can detect and prevent actions through the module for identifying suspicious actions, thus enhancing safety measures for the vaccination process.

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Fernando Martin
Smart Spaces Industry Lead
Data and IoT solutions team
Tech Data Europe