Solution Overview

Online retailers have benefited from a rich analysis of traffic through their sites for years, but this has not been something brick and mortar retailers have benefited from until now.


The Store Traffic Analytics Solution uses computer vision technology with rich analytics and integration into other store systems to give retailers a true view of customer traffic through their stores, allowing them to evaluate sales potential, enhance their product layout and enrich their marketing strategies for maximizing profit.


In the past retailers’ main purpose for monitoring store traffic was simply to analyse footfall with a view to optimising sales conversions. This solution however has a new relevance as organisations strive to better manage occupancy in light of recent health concerns.

Customer Challenges

In the past, retail personnel’s guess high traffic areas in and out of stores and to adjust the display of advertisements or placement of new products with their business experience, but the efficiency of advertising or product promotion was still unable to be maximized.


In addition to the above stores are under increasing pressure to monitor and manage occupancy in their stores to participate in mitigating the risk of infection being spread between consumers. They must do this whilst still striving to ensure the have the balance right between flow and control of shopper movement to try and also maintain a good customer experience.

  • Solution Type
    Occupancy Management, Adapting Retail
  • Connectivity
  • Sensor Types
    Computer Vision
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