Solution Overview

Most manufacturers are unable to identify the key losses contributing to low machine productivity as it is tedious to record, collect and analyze the data manually. Advantech introduces an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled real-time machine status monitoring platform for the provision of machine availability. IoT devices and wireless communications are used for capturing real-time machine data. After that, such information is computed in edge intelligence platform and visualized through a graphical dashboard after being processed by various data models. Cloud-based services are designed and developed for making full use of the visualized data to facilitate end-users’ production operations and behaviors.
Software Diagram

Customer Challenges

  • Pressure from customers and the business to increase productivity and output.
  • Very expensive to the business in the event of unplanned downtime.
  • .Wide and varied mix of different production line machinery meaning a wide variety of protocols to manage and data formats to work with.
  • Need to improve OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) values across the business.

Features and Benefits

Complete Data Acquisition

Data from heterogeneous machines can be collected through sensors, serial hardware connection devices, and communication protocols for equipment and production information analysis.


OT and IT Convergence

This innovative approach of WISE-PaaS cloud services reduces the “time-to-value” of an IT initiative while seamlessly integrating with Operational Technology (OT) for production management.


Dashboard Visualization

The OEE solution realizes overall factory visibility on real-time machine status and stoppages to enable root cause analysis for maximizing machine utilization and productivity.


  • Type of Asset
    Plant Machinery, Production Line, Packaging Line
  • Purpose
    Equipment Monitoring, OEE Optimization
  • Connectivity
    Wired, WiFi, LoRa
  • Protocol Integration
    Industrial Ethernet, ModBus, Profinet, Ethercat, IO-Link


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