Solution Overview

Revenue is a key performance metric, but indepth analysis of poor sales performance is rare. Advantech’s UShop SRP-710, Store Heatmap Analysis solution provides retailers with the data they’ve been crying out for. Now, they have the insight to know how to improve their product counters and window displays, identify hotspots and adjust prices to attract customers in. Then integrate with POS systems for further insight into customer purchasing behaviour.


In addition to this solution providing a valueable tool to enable retailers to better capture interest and maximise sales conversions, this solution also enables retailers to understand the dwell and flow throughout their stores in order to help maintain current social distancing requirements. By understanding where the bottleknecks and choke points are within their store they can better optimise store layout to ensure shoppers are able to maintain a healthy distance from eachother.

Customer Challenges


In the past, retail personnel’s guess high traffic areas in and out of stores and to adjust the display of advertisements or placement of new products with their business experience, but the efficiency of advertising or product promotion was still unable to be maximized.


In addition to the above stores are under increasing pressure to monitor and manage occupancy in their stores to participate in mitigating the risk of infection being spread between consumers. They must do this whilst still striving to ensure the have the balance right between flow and control of shopper movement to try and also maintain a good customer experience.

  • Solution Type
    Social Distancing, Occupancy Management, Adapting Retail
  • Sensor Types
    Computer Vision