Solution Overview

The Advantech-Quanergy bundle offers a high-precision footfall tracking solution that is light/weather agnostic and completely safe from a GDPR standpoint. By replacing traditional computer vision sensors with LiDAR rugged devices, detection can happen across long-range outdoor or indoor areas, offering 3D real-time identification of footfall in terms of movement, direction, people, and vehicles.


By accurately and anonymously capturing individual and vehicle movements within dense crowds and across large areas, Quanergy provides retailers, public spaces, municipalities and government organizations with powerful footfall and pedestrians' data.


Because LiDAR solutions don’t use facial recognition technology nor require opt-in by users, Advantech together with Quanergy can guarantee the anonymity of people and provide GDPR compliant solutions for people counting and tracking, occupancy, and distance monitoring.

Customer Challenges

Computer vision is not always the optimal choice when retailers or spaces owners are concerned about the processing of visitors images In some cases, more rigorous privacy requirements are at stake, for example when detection needs to cover private areas (such as locker rooms, restrooms) as well as when footfall is moving outdoor.


The ability to identify suspicious behaviours in real time (such as trespassing protected areas or anomalous footfall direction) is key to prevent potential threats (including, but not limited to, terroristic hazards) in public spaces with a high volume of visitors.

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    Social Distancing, Occupancy Management
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