Solution Overview

Monitor access to restricted areas using temperature readings and facial recognition thanks to Bolide's BN-2600ACTC access control camera. Thanks to its backlight management with its WDR and in conjunction with the Instant Face Recognition algorithm (500ms), you can have an accurate face reading and avoid false alarms. Detection can be done even if using a face mask. Register up to 22,400 faces in the database. The camera will issue an audible alert if a person's temperature is too high.

Customer Challenges

Organisations are under increasing pressure to ensure that the operation of physical spaces is managed not just securely, but also safely with regards resitricting access to individual that may exhibit symptoms such as elevated temperature. This is especially true for high traffic areas where the risk of spreading viral infection can cause a significant impact if not managed, but also in control environments in healthcare environments where there may be vulnerable individuals at risk. Not only this, but this is increasingly critical for operators of commercial premises to ensure both employes and customers have peace of mind and are protected.

  • Solution Type
    Occupancy Management, Fever Detection
  • Sensor Types
    Temperature, Computer Vision, Digital Signage
Products Included

BN-2600ACTC access control camera

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