Solution Overview

Bolide's BN2037TH is a next generation human body temperature measurement system from Bolide for multi-person body temperature checks without the need for a blackbody. This thermal camera features a side by side combination of cameras. First, the BN2037TH utilizes a premium thermal camera with advanced microbolometer with algorithms that produce accurate body temperature measurements and thermal imaging with up to 17 different colour palettes to choose from.


A high performance 4mm 1080P high definition IP camera for precise colour imaging. Powered by a sensor-based True WDR technology, this camera captures short and long exposure to generate accurate, well-balanced images that help eliminate glare even in challenging light conditions. The BN2037TH is powered by POE or 12VDC. Built-in outputs include 1-channel audio input and 1-channel audio output for microphone and speaker integration for audio recording. 2-channels of alarms in and out are built-in and are essential in configuring external alarm devices to go off whenever the device detects elevated body temperature.

Customer Challenges

Organisations are under increasing pressure to ensure that the operation of physical spaces is managed not just securely, but also safely with regards restricting access to individual that may exhibit symptoms such as elevated temperature.


This is especially true for high traffic areas where the risk of spreading viral infection can cause a significant impact if not managed, but also in control environments in healthcare environments where there may be vulnerable individuals at risk. Not only this, but this is increasingly critical for operators of commercial premises to ensure both employees and customers have peace of mind and are protected.

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    Fever Detection
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  • Sensor Types
    Temperature, Computer Vision
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BN2037TH Bolider Thermal Camera

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