Solution Overview

Facility Managers have always had to monitor and manage their environment, typically for simple temperature control. A new additional challenge is now occupancy and air quality monitoring and management, to mitigate the risk of infection and ensure compliancy to new social distancing guidelines.

Traditionally occupancy has been monitored and to drive cost efficiencies through space utilisation optimisation.Organisations now need to ensure that employees, customers and visitors are healthy and safe, providing data to managers and individuals on building capacity to ensure they are within company policy guidelines. Data can be sent from sensors is transmitted to the Ergosense platform using cellular connectivity and they out of the box SaaS platform provides realtime insight around the state of health of the environment and current occupancy levels.

This solution is near plug and play as devices are auto provisioned to the platform at point of being turned on and once the customers floor plan has been provided, the customer/system integrator can simply assign the appropriate sensors to locations on the floor plan.

Customer Challenges

A growing trend over the last few years has been to better support employee wellbeing, for reasons of productivity, reduction of employee sickness and also the improvement of workplace conditions to reduce employee attrition. With the shifting risk levels of serious health conditions globally, understanding employee wellbeing will be an area of increased focus as corporate responsibility for employee wellbeing is in the spotlight. Implementing these systems can be complex, expensive and show varying degrees of success. There is a pressing need for non-disruptive environmental monitoring systems, that can track conditions against known baselines and also manage employee engagement in times of increased health risk to staff.

Features and Benefits

Wireless sensors for non disruptive deployment
Plug and play provisioning of sensors.
Simple and intuitive SaaS user interface.
API extensible for data export and 3rd party platform integration.
Occupancy Monitoring
Environmental monitoring (Sounds db, Light levels, VOC, CO2, Temperature, Humidity.
Role based access control
White label option
Historical visual data analysis and data comparison.
Interactive floorplan interface
Rules and alerting
Companion mobile application for employee engagement

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