Solution Overview

The EveryAngle Physical Distance Control solution works seamlessly with the Cisco Meraki MV Cloud-Managed Smart Cameras, leveraging intelligent computer-vision algorithms to analyse image data and provide insight on in-store occupancy levels, estimation of shopper age to support designated store times to support elderly shopping and queue levels outside the store to give the retail operators insight on how current policy implementations are impacting the flow of shoppers through the store.


Not only is the Cisco Meraki MV-Smart Camera simple to deploy and manage allowing for deployment with minimal disruption, the EveryAngle platform alerts staff in real-time of potential situations which need to be managed around potential capacity policy violations, but also provides a wealth of historical data to allow retail operators to fine tune their approach to implementing capacity and social distancing policy, staffing levels to ensure a healthy customer flow is maintained. All this as well as being able to interact with digital signage and door access control to enhance customer communication and manage entry without excessive manual management by staff.

Customer Challenges

Monitoring social safety for customers as well as staff in various environments

Need to reduce operation costs, enhancing productivity and improve occupant’s well-being in the workplace

Retailers are looking for smarter insight to understand how to increase in store sales through improved footfall and

conversion rates

Features and Benefits

Understand the live occupancy of a space (store, building, floor etc) in real time
Manage the number of people entering a space using a maximum safe limit
Enable self-service occupancy management, eliminating additional labour cost
Display pre-arrival information to customers and colleagues via website or mobile app

  • Type of Space
  • Primary Purpose
    Analytics/Usage Monitoring
  • Connectivity
  • Maturity
    5 - Customer Deployed at Scale
Products Included

Cisco Meraki MV Smart Camera
EveryAngle PDC Application


EMEA, North America

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