Solution Overview

G2K’s Parsifal Platform can help you get a grip on complicated situations like this. Powered by AI, Parsifal recognises patterns and instances as they happen.

While crucial for security purposes, Parsifal also gathers essential insights on the flow and behaviour of your customers. This information can guide you in tailoring their experience.


The Parsifal platform is perfectly suited to identify and contain the threat of infection spread in public spaces, the platform generally services to provide actionable insight into spaces allows operators to manage their environments intelligently.

Customer Challenges

Recent pandemic events have become a worldwide menace to the way we live. G2K has developed a holistic Application Suite that can help overcome this crisis and allow for a sustained return to public life.


Space operators need to be able to identify and manage congestion in order to support shoppers in maintaining a healthy distance. They also need to be able to identify shoppers that aren’t taking the correct precautions, such as wearing protective masks and they also need to be able to identify the demographic of shoppers at certain times to ensure vulnerable and elderly shoppers are being given the opportunity to go about their business safely and unhindered.

  • Type of Space
    Indoor, Outdoor
  • Primary Purpose
    Analytics/Usage Monitoring, Tracking
  • Maturity
    5 - Customer Deployed at Scale
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