Solution Overview

Measuring the level of occupancy within buildings has become more important in recent months with the need for social distancing. Depending on the building's use, for some companies with a large amount of floorspace to manage, this was already a common practice. However measuring building occupancy has now become key in ensuring the health and wellbeing of the workforce in all organisations, regardless of industry and size. This solution uses devices to count the number of people who access a certain space within the building. In addition to complying with occupancy metrics.

Customer Challenges

In the past, building occupancy and management focused on space utilisation planning and productivity. Today, facility managers face a new challenge, assuring the health and safety of building users, as well as mitigating risks through specific measures to limit the level of occupation of spaces to support social distancing. The need now has transitioned from a need to simply understand occupancy for space planning and cost optimisation into the need for more realtime and dynamic systems to keep the business and users informed as to current occupancy levels to be agile in implementing capacity and distancing policies inline with current risk levels of transmission of infection.

  • Solution Type
    Occupancy Management
  • Connectivity
    WiFi, Wired, EnOcean
  • Sensor Types
Products Included

- IAConnects People counter.
- IAConnects Room PIR Sensor
- IAConnects Under Desk Sensor
- IAConnects Gateway Mobius.
- IAConnects Mobius Flow (Software).
- IAConnects dashboard.

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