Solution Overview

Measuring the level of occupancy within buildings has become more important in recent months with the need for social distancing. Depending on the building's use , for some companies with a large number of square meters to manage, this was already a common practice. However measuring building occupancy has now become high priority for building operators to ensure the health and wellbieing of the workforce in all organisations, regardless of industry and size.


This solution uses devices to count the number of people who access a certain space within the building. In addition to complying with occupancy metrics, it allows on-site visualisation thanks to the use of digital signage that provides instructions for users. It is especially useful in spaces with limited capacity and that cannot be viewed directly, such as bathrooms, meeting offices, and office kitchens.

Customer Challenges

Top of mind amongst building operators and companies today is how to manage the utilisation of premises whilst providing confidence back to the business and to building occupants that appropriate measures are in place to ensure that they are able to utilise these spaces safely and with reduced risk of infection. There are many offerings that allow the business to monitor occupancy, but being able to advise occupants in real time as to how they move around a building safely based on real time information is not something many businesses is something that without the right technology can require a high degree of manual intervention and co-ordination. Without dynamic systems in place to manage this, users of spaces can find themselves entering high risk areas unknowingly.

  • Solution Type
    Occupancy Management
  • Connectivity
    WiFi, Wired, EnOcean
  • Sensor Types
    Occupancy, Digital Signage
Products Included

- IAConnects People counter.
- IAConnects Gateway Mobius.
- IAConnects Mobius Flow (Software).
- IAConnects dashboard.
- IAConnects Digital Signage.

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