Solution Overview

IBM® Order Management is a software platform that enables you to execute and coordinate order orchestration processes across your extended supply chain network. You get order orchestration through a centralized inventory, order promising and fulfillment hub to support omnichannel order management.


IBM Order Management software helps enterprises:


  • Provide highly personalized service
  • Increase fill rates and inventory turns
  • Reduce markdowns and buffer stock inventory
  • Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Grow your share of wallet and profitability
  • Minimize shipping and expediting costs


Customer Challenges

  • Inability to gain visibility across the supply chain
  • No way to source and schedule orders intelligently and globally
  • Inability to manage and coordinate customized fulfillment processes
  • No way to get a single source of order information



Features and Benefits

  • Provides a single view of supply and demand across channels allowing you to offer an accurate promise date to the customer. If needed, you can schedule alternative fulfillment locations.


  • Offers flexible business process definitions and adaptable fulfillment models to allow customers to begin an order through virtually any channel, complete it and take delivery almost anywhere.


  • Collects orders from multiple order capture channels (online, call center and store) and provides a single source of order status information across these channels.

  • Transport Sector
    Logistics / Courier, Back office
  • Primary Purpose
    Analytics, Cost Optimization
  • Solution Maturity
    5 - Customer Deployed at Scale
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