Solution Overview

Hand sanitisation is more important now than ever before, especially when it comes to stopping the spread of infectious diseases in public and critical care environments. Some sectors such as hospitality, healthcare need to have the very highest levels or hygiene to protect the health and safety of their customers and patients.


AdvanWash is a suite of products built on an RFID equipped smart dispenser, working in conjunction with RFID tags worn by users, the dispenser will record who has washed their hands and who has not. The system is then able to trigger action based on company policy and procedures. For example an audio warning can be emitted to remind someone to wash their hands, and the system can be integrated into a door opening system, allowing those who have washed their hands to enter, those who have not would be denied access until they have done so.

Customer Challenges

It is easy for staff and occupants of spaces to overlook hand hygiene when they are busy or rushed. However, within many spaces this is unacceptable and outbreaks for infectious disease in many spaces can not only put others at significant risk health wise (in some cases putting lives at risk), but these outbreaks  also puts business and other institutions at risk of massive disruption regarding their ability to operate which impacts the economy.


Space operators need to be able to help the occupants of their managed spaces accountable playing their part in keeping these spaces safe.

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Advanwash-100 , Advanwash-200

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