Solution Overview

LoveYourAsset is a health management tool that provides you access to the health, state and condition of your assets through an easy to understand dashboard.

By providing reports (scheduled and unscheduled) and alerts direct to your devices not only can you have visibility to the health of your assets but you can also be alerted when asset health falls outside of the parameters you have defined.

Out of the box, the solution will allow you to add up to 5 different measurement/threshold sets for each asset, to get a complete overall health ‘score’ for individual assets and groups.

If an assets health falls outside of the thresholds you enter, you will be alerted immediately via email or SMS.

Customer Challenges

A company wants to provide real-time health monitoring for its assets


A company wants to provide remedial action quickly and in a predictive manner if assets health falls outside of defined limits


Reporting on Asset Health

Features and Benefits

Reduce unplanned downtime and increase availability and reliability by helping to ensure critical assets and systems are monitored and protected from emerging threats

Empower the workforce with actionable insight

Optimisation of workforce productivity by prioritising maintenance based on condition, criticality and cost

Asset intensive organisations can analyse health trends to help detect asset failure before it occurs

A standardised way to connect machines, data, and people, with a user-friendly, personalised dashboard with scalability and functionality to grow as business needs evolve

Reduce Downtime, Optimise Uptime.

  • Purpose
    Equipment Monitoring, OEE Optimization
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