Solution Overview

Smart Parking integrates Sm_All which automatically calculates a map of parking slots by artificial intelligence. Once this map is established, each vehicle appearing in the image is detected and tracked by artificial intelligence.As soon as a vehicle enters one of the parking slots. Arrival times and exit times are recorded. A vehicle that emerges from one location to move towards another is tracked and is therefore only taken into account once.


The all-in-one IP65 device proposed is an intelligent camera which is able to automatically detect the occupancy of car parks (location by location), and suction vehicles (ie vehicles in violation of the use of their blue disk) .

Customer Challenges

Parking often has a compound effect on the efficiency of a town or city when its mot managed effectively. Not only can poorly managed parking impact the experience of visitors, but it can also have a significant effect on citywide congestion and be a negative contributor to a cities carbon footprint.

Features and Benefits

The Smart Parking smart camera has:

  • 360 ° PTZ HDR High Definition camera
  • oled screen indicating its IP address, the interior temperature, etc.
  • Sm_All artificial intelligence and deep learning module providing intelligent and automatic detection of parking spaces
  • 7-day storage space (videos, alerts, images, etc.)
  • proactive display panel for the occupancy of parking spaces in the cloud and the occupancy time of the parking space

  • Type of Space
  • Primary Purpose
    Automation, Analytics/Usage Monitoring