Solution Overview

Safectory offers a dedicated solution to track and trace close encounters identifying and managing contact chains while ensuring data security in compliance with GDPR regulations. Employees wear a smart BLE tag (as a wristband or badge) and get the Safectory Social Distance Tracking App installed on their smartphones.


The App bonds a tag to a certain App user, allowing the worker to receive alarms only for his / her own tag or supervisors to fulfil these tasks for a larger group of employees and to receive alarms for this group. The BLE tag constantly transmits a unique randomized ID at the same time listening to receive such signals from other tags in close proximity. Based on signal strength of those signals received, the BLE tag calculates relative distance to all other tags in proximity.


This means that only relative distance is detected and for data privacy reasons, no absolute location of any user is stored. If a too low distance to one or more other tags is detected, all tags involved provide immediate feedback to their users by vibrating or LED flashing and/or by notifying the Apps to which they are bonded which then generate an alert (tone/vibration) as well. A tag (any type) can store locally minimum 40.000 encounters which are transferred to the system backend through the controller infrastructure in controller covered areas. In addition, any of these close encounters with all involved users is sent to the Safectory software using users mobile device or seperate controllers installed on site.

Customer Challenges

The ability to manage the risk of transmission of viral infection in places of business is high priority for many businesses today. This can apply not only to brick and mortar premises but also to organisations that operated teams of field staff and want to ensure they are applying the appropriate measures regarding social distancing by implementing pro-active measures. It's also key that organisations are able to react quickly and effectively by identifying where individuals have come into contact with a person who may present a health risk to others and take measures to notify those individuals quickly and proactively with a view to preventing further transmission of any condition.

Features and Benefits

Secure connection-free data exchange (BLE Broadcast / Observer)

Only relative distance is measured no absolute location Decrypting user association only by competent authority

Robust and simple tracking hardware Proximity Alarm via Wristband (vibration or flashing LED) and Smartphone

Secure hardware- & software made and controlled in the EU

Wide-meshed controller connectivity provision; ca. 50-80m indoors, flexible adjustment of areas to cover by simply adding more controllers Closed controller housing; only one power cord

flame retardant, UL94 BLE Tag

built-in LTE modem (optional)

Analytics (optional) Number and duration of close encounters

Contact chains: capable of capturing any size of group-gatherings and contact scores.

  • Primary Purpose
    Analytics/Usage Monitoring
Products Included

BLE Tags , Mobile App , Controller , SaaS Platform

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