Solution Overview

Smarter Technologies offer the only battery-powered, Sim-Free Automated Meter Reader (AMR) smart meter systems on the market enabled on the Orion Data Network—our dedicated, secure, meter reading network. Our retro-fit AMR allows you to monitor and measure real-time utility consumption without having to physically change the existing meter (no plumber needed) or manually read the meter (no person needed). AMRs are simple to install and retrofit, and simplify any sub-metering.

With real-time and accessible data automatically collected by the AMR smart meter and delivered to you via API or accessed on our online platform, you can view live usage data and ensure that your billing is always accurate. Make intelligent, smart decisions, get alerts for leak detection, track usage patterns and highlight efficiency opportunities.

Customer Challenges

Human error and billing problems with energy reporting

Inability to identify usage patterns over time

Estimated bills cause unnecessary costs

Inability to access real-time energy usage data

Features and Benefits

Eliminate human error and billing problems

Determine economical usage patterns to inform flexible and cost-effective billing

Eradicate the need for estimated bills

Real-time data from meters in hard-to-access places

An affordable, SIM-free solution

Tenants only pay for the utilities they use each month

Fairer, more accurate sub-metering saves time and prevents disputes


  • Type of Space
  • Primary Purpose
    Analytics/Usage Monitoring
  • Maturity
    5 - Customer Deployed at Scale