Solution Overview

Businesses around the world are being challenged to keep their operations during a time of heightened risk of damage to the health of their workers through sickness due to contagious conditions.Tracktio offers a solution by not only tracking real time interactions between workers to reduce the risk of viral outbreak, but also providing vibration and audible feedback to the device wearer to ensure they are complying with social distancing, enabling them to correct and limit duration of close proximity encounters with other individuals.In the event that an infection case has been identitied, the proximity and duration of contact with other users can be quickly reported to take the appropriate action to avoid further cases of infection within the organisation.

Customer Challenges

With employees returning to the workplace, it is imperative that measures are put in place to ensure minimal risk to the health of staff and customers alike when entering their properties. Social Distancing has two aspects to its implementation; the physical warning when someone breaches the guidelines and the ability to track where individuals have come into contact with eachother to help contain further risk of passing infection to other individuals.


As we return to work, there will be situations where infected individuals are identified and business owners will need to be able to report over time who the identified person was in contact with at the time they contracted the virus. Not having these measures in place can further financially impact businesses in an already struggling economy not only due to an inability to respond to personal injury claims that individuals contracted an illness due to lack the right measures in place in their place of work, but also in the issue of fines as governments and industry regulators start to mandate theses measures are in place as a matter of compliance.

  • Solution Type
    Social Distancing
  • Connectivity
    Ultra WideBand Radio, BLE
  • Sensor Types
    BLE Tag, UWB Tag
Products Included

GH5200 Tracking Badge
Tracksphere Software Licenses

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