Parsifal G2K: AI helps bring sports back to the fans

Unquestionably, what lockdown has taught us over the recent months, is to appreciate, even more than ever, the emotional value of getting together in public spaces.

And this is especially true when it comes down to team sports, and in particular football.

Nothing can replace the electrifying and powerful feeling of being in the middle of stadium crowd and tuning-in with the vibes and songs of fellow supporters, cheering together for teams and champions.

Yet, contagion concerns and the regulations set out by several communities and governments since last March have harshly challenged the enthusiasm of many sports aficionados and, inevitably, also the economic yields of those who work in this industry.

But when artificial intelligence is combined with the precision of sensors and the power of computer vision, those special leisure times can be reinstated.

Platform Parsifal, a data gem designed by German company G2K Group, has perfectly adapted itself to address a sensitive but very common use case, the one of reopening safely stadiums and playgrounds, without compromising on safety nor on stadium capacity and profitability.

By bringing together contactless temperature scanning information, footfall count data and correct face mask wearing, G2K Parsifal is the optimal solution for stadium security operators to effectively streamline and filter the accesses to stadiums and similar premises, down to each single individual.

The information gathered in real time on the proprietary Parsifal visualization dashboard allows for real time and targeted decision-making in coordination with security personnel, which results into a highly organized and controlled space.

An important validation of G2K Technology in stadium access control and safety protection came from one of the most important football institutions, UEFA, as the technology was used at the match between FC Bayern Munich and FC Sevilla within the SuperCup 2020, making possible for the organization to welcome back supporters, sponsors, teams and media around the game.

The scalability of the platform goes well beyond sports playgrounds and stadiums – though this very use case alone finds great applicability in Europe: commercial areas, malls, airports and any other urban spaces where congestion and queues at scale can represent both an operational and sanitary hazard, or anyway require intelligent management with not too much effort in terms of manned supervision.

As always, Tech Data is available to provide more information on this solution’s specifications and a complimentary demo.

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Camilla Bonanni
Tech Data Europe
Retail/Healthcare Industry Lead