Practice Builder

Discover your step-by-step roadmap to affordably build a profitable Data and IoT business

Practice Builder

Discover your step-by-step roadmap to affordably build a profitable Data and IoT business

Practice Builder empowers our partners by offering a simple, step-by-step road map to rapidly and affordably build a profitable solution-focused business practice. Tech Data designed this program to help our partners overcome the common barriers to developing a solution practice, such as time and cost constraints and the need for specialized knowledge.

The Challenge

With more and more businesses investing more heavily in data and IoT products and solutions, the time to power a sustainable data solutions practice is now. For technology solution providers, it can be time-consuming and costly to figure out how to build a data driven business that offers customers the best value and stands out from the rest.

About Data and IoT Practice Builder

Data and IoT Practice Builder is designed to help technology solutions providers rapidly and affordably build and accelerate their cloud technology business. It offers quality enablement resources and a simple, step-by-step path to making data a strategic part of your business.

How it Works

Step 1

Assess Your Data Capability
Take our Data and IoT practice assessment to gain a better understanding of your current business, and identify solutions capability

Step 2

Reveal What Your Data Path Is
After your complete the Data and IoT assessment you’ll start a digital enablement path to learn all about our value proposition and the ROI of Data, Analytic and IoT in Retail

Step 3

Gain Vendor Specific Competency
Demystify the path to onboarding with specific data solution and IoT vendors, and access to specific tools and resources to accelerate your sale.

Step 4

Build a Practice
Learn how to build a Data and IoT practice by attending a ‘Hands-On’ strategy development workshops leveraging key topics from our leading partners.

Vendor-specific enablement paths

Dell Technologies and AI

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Intel in IoT

Hands-On Practice Consulting

Our proven Practice Builder methodology helps partners enter new markets through individual guidance in business planning, marketing, and sales development and enablement. Our experienced cloud practice consultants will guide you down an actionable path to realising your cloud business transformation. This limited-access offering is ideal for motivated organisations with a top-down strategic interest in advancing their cloud practice.

To be considered for this offering, take step 1 and complete the partner transformation assessment. We will contact you based on your eligibility.

For Business Owners

Understand your business’s readiness to transform and embrace digital transformation and next generation technologies with Tech Data Practice Builder. You will receive an email confirmation of the results and access the relevant Digital Enablement Path.

For Sales/Marketing/Technical

Create an account to the Tech Data learning platform, TDCA, to access the relevant digital Practice Builder enablement material available for you.