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Find out how you can help your customers implement solutions to help your customers keep their building occupants safe through social distancing alerting, monitoring and contact tracing.

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Tech Data has worked closely with its eco-system of vendors to identify technology solutions that can enable your customer to implement strategies for staying productive and keeping their employees and customers safe in this difficult time. 

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Our new data and IoT solutions cover a multitude of industries; retail, transport and logistics, healthcare and Smart Spaces to name but a few.  They set out to deliver business outcomes in the below areas in helping customers ensure business continuity.


Solutions that address fever detection, occupancy management and monitoring, air quality and environmental monitoring will be essential in environments of all sorts.  Communication systems such as digital signage and push notifications will help to guide traffic safely around spaces.  And to observe good hygiene, contactless hand sanitisation solutions should be implemented to all high traffic areas such as washrooms, cafes, bars and retail establishments.  Plus, transport and logistics and construction sites could benefit from wearables with Smart Proximity sensors that will emit an alarm should breaches of social distancing occur.

Our technology solutions for monitoring, alerting and tracking ensure that social distancing is observed in spaces of all types such as offices, building sites, hospitals and warehouses. Retail environments will specifically require effective solutions for store traffic analysis and queue management. 


It is essential for the mid-term to ensure that all aspects of your customers operations are focussed on mitigating risk in all areas of their business, such as supply chain management, availability of  staff, and sustaining revenues.  Forecasting during a time of uncertainty and unknown market conditions is extremely difficult and the ability to implement agile contingency plans is essential.  Your customers will also need to ensure that they are not just maintaining expected service levels but they are also mitigating the risk of any resurgence in environmental factors that could affect their business in the longer term.

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